Read what some of our users are reporting about Ascension11:

“The I AM Abundance program worked within days.  My business suddenly took off after suffering what seemed like an interminable dry period.  It opened the flow and I was VERY grateful.”

“I actually felt certain programs activate not only chakras, but internal organs.  Wow!”

“It’s definitely doing something.”

“I felt such a deep eternal peace, like all would be okay in the world–which is a somewhat foreign feeling these days. As a news junkie this is saying a lot.”

“Felt like I was flying high!  Yep, definitely feeling more ascended.”

“I tried all 11 programs over a few weeks time.  It’s not just about being ‘woke’, but truly keyed into one’s own inner truth.  Yes, I AM more awakened and, as a result, I started having more powerful dreams and insights.  Ascension11 has now become part of my daily mediation practice.”